Bedford County Land Transfers

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CDM Investments, LLC to Bartley Holdings, LLC, unit A building C-9 phase II The Bridgewater Bay Condominiums, $485,000, Lakes District.Dennis R. Boothe to James Kenneth Jr. and Sherri Genevieve Thomas, 2 parcels: 2.040 acres and 7.992 acres, $220,000, Blue Ridge District.
Shannon L. Simmons to Daryl and Johanna Calfee, lot 19 Savanna Hills 1.974 acres, $260,000, Lakes District.Anne Marie Leonard to Roger P. and Cheryl D. Cochrane, lot 11 phase 2 Shangrila, $355,000, Lakes District.W.H.M. Corporation to Juliet W. Silver-Courtney, unit F building C-4 phase 15 The Bridgewater Bay Condominiums, $560,000, Lakes District.Joyce W. Nichols to Douglas W. and Wanda T. Dellis, 10.04 acres (Rte. 707), $100,000, Lakes District.
Carl T. Evers, Jr. to Chad Lyn and Lisa Lynn Vaught, lot 64 block IV Beechwood Shores, $16,500, Lakes District.Carlton R. and Virginia P. Farley to Morrison Investment Properties, LLC, 59.25 acres (Rte. 725), $245,000, Lakes District.Eric B. and Joanne Larrivee to Paul K. and Christine A. Finney, lot 27 Isle of Pines, $683,000, Lakes District.Clinton B. Hatcher to Robert T. Wandrei, 4.077 acres, $125,000, Blue Ridge District.Clinton B. Hatcher to Robert T. Wandrei, 3.757 acres, $175,000, Blue Ridge District.Raymond C. Reginer Living Trust and Joan P. Regnier Living Trust to James J. III and Lisa A. Scanlon, lot 7 section 1 Bass Cove, $545,000, Lakes District.Merle S. and Young S. Lanway to Philip L. St. Moritz, lot 1 Lakeland Pines 0.397 acres, $650,000, Lakes District.Danny A. and Bonnie W. Lindsay to Richard E. and Mae Maus, lot 29 block 2 Beechwood Shores, $35,000, Lakes District.Jerry D. Warf to Peter A. and Shirleane E. Luokkala, lot 10 Goodvue Village, $155,500, Blue Ridge District.M & J Developers, Inc. to Steven Taback, unit 333 phase III The Pointe at Mariners Landing, a Condominium, $400,000, Lakes District.Smith Mountain Homes, LLC to Jeffrey A. and Penni E. Wetherell, lot 18 section 3 Property of Henry F. Thaxton and J. L. Ayers, $439,000, Lakes District.


Franklin County Land Transfers

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Jennifer Novak to Christine P. Dickerson, 2 parcels: lot 15 block N Highland Shores and lot 14 section N Highland Shores, $167,000, Union Hall District.Lakewatch Homes LLC to Donald K. Wheeler and Betty L. Wheeler, lot 15 The Carriage Homes at Lakewatch Plantation, phase 1, $544,000, Gills Creek District.
Steven L. and Jody R. Hornick, and Michael O. and Elizabeth K. Garst to Highland Lake, Inc., lot 7 Lakewatch Plantation, $360,000, Gills Creek District.Alouf Construction & Development Co. to Patrick J. and Donna A. Massa, lot 11 phase 2 Grand Villas, section II, Montego Bay, $717,000, Gills Creek District.Raymond A. and Jeanette Peters to Morris Johnson, Jr., 5.572 acres, $34,000, Gills Creek District.Wayne Burris or Cynthia S. Burris to Stephen J. and Claudia A. Comber, unit 103 The Rise Condominiums at Winding Waters, $427,000, Gills Creek District.
Joseph H. Dillon, Jr., Jessica Carolyn Dillon and Joseph H. Dillon, III to Joseph Altadonna, Jr., 0.804 acre (Rte. 634), $21,000, Gills Creek District.Perry W. and Stella Denise Blankenship to Kevin C. Akers, 4.127 acres (Rte. 702), $138,000, Union Hall District.Carlisle-Davis-Throckmorton-Zirk, LLP to Susanne D. Helbig, lot 4 section 14 The Waterfront, $96,000, Gills Creek District.Hamilton L. and Love V. Chittum to Elizabeth Elaine Catron, lot 12 section 6 Bluewater Bay, $133,000, Gills Creek District.Walter L. Palesch and Nancy C. Bray to Gregory Thomas Settle, unit 2 Lakestone Condominiums, $510,000, Union Hall District.

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